Best Adsense Alternatives 2013 for Monetizing Websites

If you have a website or blog then you might have heard the word “Google Adsense”. influencer marketing Adsense is considered the best way to monetize your blog/website for starters since they have a high CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) than any other ad network out there and they also own all the top level advertisers in their network like Sony, Samsung, Best Buy etc. This means we as publishers can get quality advertisements based on our niche (website’s topic) as well as earn a decent amount of money. There are millions of blogs and websites already being monetized with Adsense. They are now the top dog when it comes to website/blog monetization.

In the recent years many people started misusing Adsense hence in order to maintain their quality Adsense started implementing some strict publisher guidelines. Because of these guidelines nowadays its quite difficult to get accepted into their program unless you have a ton of traffic and original content. More over even after getting approved they might ban you at some point if they notice a single violation of their terms. Once banned we cannot even create a new account in the same name/address. So what to do when you don’t get approved by Adsense or get kicked out of the program. Well its time to move on there are many other best Adsense alternatives, some of them are given below:

Best Adsense Alternate 2013

1) Info Links : Info links is one of the best and most popular ad network. They display Intext and smart layer ads. Personally i have tested info links ad units and they are easy to integrate and the CPM, CPC is pretty good. The best part is you can even use them along with Adsense. It can act as a secondary source of income for those who currently monetize with Adsense. They are not as good as adsense (no one is) but if you have a decent amount of traffic say 1000 visitors per month then you can earn from 15-25$ a month with an average CTR. The payment is processed using Paypal, eCheck, Wire Transfer, Payoneer pre-paid Debit Card with a minimum payout of 50$. The approval process is also pretty simple and they almost approve every single website unless you have some adult/spyware content.

2) Chitika: Chitika is another adnetwork based on the CPC and CPM models. They are easy to integrate and manage but the CPC rates are pretty low compared to adsense. They currently have two modes of payment Paypal, Bank Cheque and the minimum payout for Chitika is $10 for paypal and $50 for cheque. The best part about Chitika is its easy to get approval and when you refer someone using your affiliate link or banner, you get to keep 10% of their earnings during their first 10 months.

The con’s that i found using Chitika is their ads does’nt show up properly, some times the Chitika ads overlap each other making our website look completely odd. The CPC/CPM rates are low and they rarely display banner ads. 3) is another well known contextual ad network competing with Google Adsense. They are a joint partnership program by Bing and Yahoo network. The CPC and CPM are pretty good and many of the top advertisers are in their network. They are also easy to manage and integrate. The only problem with is, in order to maintain their quality they only allow sites with huge traffic say more than 5000 unique visitors per day and sites with traffic mostly from United States and Canada to participate .

4) Buy Sell Ads: Buy Sell Ads is a market place for both publishers and advertisers. We can sell our ad spaces by choosing the appropriate ad unit sizes, type, location and CPC/CPM rates. If any of the advertisers in their network are interested then they will buy these ad spaces on your blog/website. The transaction will be made through buy sell ads and they will have 25% of the revenue. (ie. If you earn 100$ per day, then they will take 25$ and give you back 75$) The payment will be made through Paypal with a minimum payout of 50$. Its not easy to get approved by them as they have many top tier advertisers and publishers. You need a minimum of 2000 unique visitors per day to get approved. Many top blogs/websites monetize with Adsense as well as Buy Sell Ads and they tend to earn more via Buy Sell Ads than Adsense.

5) Adversal: Adversal is another ad network providing pop under and banners advertising for advertisers since 2003. They can offer high payout rates, especially if you have US or Canadian traffic. Adversal pays for each raw impression and not per visitor which means more money for you. If you have a good amount of us traffic and Adsense is not accepting you then you can try this network. The payout is done using Paypal, Wire Transfer and the minimum payout is 20$. Adversal approves websites only if they have a minimum of 50,000 page views each month, website/blog content should be in english and should be atleast one month old with no broken links.

6) Yllix Media: Yllix Media is another legit publisher network where Low CPM rate is a concern, however they make it up with 100% fill rate. Yllix Media performs great for publishers who gets accepted to display Yllix Premium ads which has over $0.10 CPM rate. Recommended for small publishers with free hosted sites or blogs. They have no minimum traffic requirements and accept almost all websites. The best part is they have a $1 minimum payout with weekly payments. But the Payout is done only through Paypal.

7) Clicksor: Clicksor is another infamous ad network which has been around for a while. They provide different types of ad monetization methods like Intext ads, Text/Image Banner Ads, Popup Ads etc. I personally don’t like Clicksor since they have a very low CPC/CPM for banner/text ads and their Popup/Intext ads will make our site look spammy. If you have some not so Adsense friendly niche (say Cracking, Downloads, Movies etc.) but have a ton of traffic then you can use Clicksor. Their popup ads has some good CPC/CPM rates, hence integrating them will help you earn a decent sum. Their payout is through Paypal, Wire Transfers and minimum payout is 50$.

8) AdHitz: Adhitz is another less commonly used ad network. Its CPC/CPM is very low compared to Adsense and mostly display gambling, games, drugs related ads. We can easily get approval and the ads are easy to integrate similar to Adsense. I have’nt personally tried this ad network, but have seen some PTC websites with high traffic using them. The payment method is through Paypal, Payza, Wire Transfer and the minimum payout is 50$.