Body Wrap Shapewear

Body wrap shapewear has another name to it, it's actually called "a foundation garment" and as the name suggests, its designed to "temporarily alter" a person's physical appearance. Why? To give a more perfect or fashionable figure, what that basically means is that shapewear lets you tuck it that extra flab so that your body has more "enhancing" features. Like per say a padded bra or a crotch padded boxer briefs.

To give more smooth and control over your looks, these garments are characterized according to the level of comfort, shape, efficiency etc., such as light, medium or firm. Depending on your needs and functionality you can choose the one you require for that said/desired event. These garments are not limited to women only as stated before because of their broad usage.

The objective of shapewear is to provide support and also to softly smoothen your figure, thus enhancing your physical features. Since shapewear are worn for a specific outfit, bodywrap shapewear provides with those specific shapewear with which you can fit in and stand out. Since these garments are invisible they provide that silky smooth contours, complimenting the shape of your body. Unless you want the exposure of shapewear is limited or next to none.

There are a multitude of colors and sizes to choose from that suit your body shape. There long list of shapewear consists of some of the common shapewear's are bodysuits, bodysuits are for the torso, they cover the upper half of the body and extend to the arms and end at the bottom with a covering of the genital area. Next are the brassiere, brassiere are cloth attachments that hold up, cover and support the breasts, they are also used in other shapewear for support purposes. The next is the corsair, this shapewear has been around for centuries now. The major use was for medical purposes but was used to give desired shapes, the most famous was the hourglass corset, it was a luxury item, of sorts.

These corsets were used by both men and women, but women were the most prominent users. There are also garter belts, these are worn by women, the garter belts are also known as suspender belts, they are used to hold up stockings, they are now replaced by pantyhose, which are a one-piece of stockings that continue all the way up to the foundation garment. The multitude of bodywrap shapewear in regular wear includes bodysuits, bra slips, camis, bottoms, pants and there are also lites of bodysuits, bra slips, camis and bottoms. There is no second thought when considering if to buy shapewear or not, either you do or you dont and if would be really a waste if you fail to use the resources that are at hand to help you look good. Shapewear has been used for centuries and is still in use today, at the risk of sounding repetitive, the objective is to enhance your physical appearance. You are good looking as it is but these garments help add those final touch that give a complete look.