Five Best Internet Security Tips For Kids

When it comes to numbering the internet users today, kids cannot be left out.

Nowadays kids are very busy on the internet because the Internet is developing very fast and new technologies are continuously bringing more options to users in the form of entertainment, education and information. Gather is the sponsor for this article visit

Most kids, especially the under-aged ones can’t do without the internet in their daily living but the internet comes with some risks for people using it and the kids are not left out.

In this article I will be listing out Five Best Internet Security Tips For Kids that every parents out there must be aware of. These following security tips are the best five tips that will keep your child safe online.

1.) Pay Good Attention To Everything Your Children Are Doing Online  

Most Parents are too busy or lazy to check out what their kids are doing on the internet.

You can start monitoring what your kids do on the internet starting from today.

Make sure you know where your kids go online.

Thanks to the latest browsers we have now on the internet, most of them keep history of where you visit from the day you start using them. To view your Internet History, click the History button on the browser toolbar. Browsers like Google Chrome keeps history of your browsing and store them up in your Google account.

If your kids are smart and delete the browsing history you can have it back through your Google Accounts. Many people don’t know this but I have tried it before.

It happens that I mistakenly uninstall the chrome browser on my PC thinking that I have lost all the browsing history and other settings but when I download chrome browser and install it. I found all my browsing history and other valuable settings still intact. It is possible to check at your leisure time to see where your children have spent their time online.

2.) Have Good Communications With Your Children

As a Parent you need good communication to help your kid out of danger and to keep them safe from internet risks that can come their way. I will like to list out at least four things you must do as a parent in keeping your kids safe on the internet while communicating with them.

Communication to me is not just talking alone but a good is made up of two things talking and listening. As parent that has kids that are always on the internet you must be ready to listen to the experience of your kids and at the same time tell what to do. It’s not communication when you listen alone.

Trust Building: Develop the trust of yourself in your kid so that when they meet the wrong or bad people on the internet they will first come to you. It is very wrong when kids don’t trust their parents. The best way you can build this trust is through good communication.

Let them know there are dangerous people on the internet: Don’t hide this from kids on the internet. You may be thinking they are still under age but let me tell you they are mixing and chatting with different people on daily basis. People that can influence either the bad or good way, so tell them that they are real bad-ass on the internet that must be careful of.

Tell them to keep their Identity: Tell your kids not to give out their school name, address or phone number to people they communicate with on the internet without letting you know before they will do so. Tell them strictly to hide their whereabouts and never to reveal which town they live in, and never post photos that could provide clues about their location.

Teach them what to download on the Internet: Tell your kids not to download or ask your permission before they download anything. This will help them keep unwanted viruses and software’s off of your computer.

3.) Let Them Use The Internet Security Suite

Most Parents don’t know this. Most of them don’t use internet security suite because of wrong information they have gathered from people that some internet antivirus are not good for the computer. I read an eye opening article from about Norton anti-virus and I love it. If you want safe internet for your kids then plain anti-virus is just not enough you need Internet security suite, like Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security, on all the computers you own.  You need a full firewall, antispyware, and other protection a suite can provide. The internet security suite will help you detect, disable, or remove viruses, spyware and other potentially unwanted software.

4.) Use a Secure Password

Use a good password (unique and complex) and don’t share it with anybody including those kids. Increase your security and privacy this will help to limit what your kids do on your computer. As an Administrator on your computer with a secure password you can set limits on what your kids download. Downloads like games, music, animated tool-bars  and other downloads can expose your computer to spyware or other unwanted software. Before they will be able to download anything they will have to provide your password.

5.) Parental Control

As the parent you have some rights and authority over those kids.

Here I will show you that as a parent you have an edge to take control of what your kid do on the internet if it’s your computer they are using. The Parental Control settings under the control panel give every computer owner the chance to set limits to what people can do and can’t do on the computer. Decide where your child can and can’t go on the Internet it’s very easy just go to the control panel and set up parental control for every user.

This is a guest post. Pas Paul Faith is a freelance writer from Nigeria. He approaches what he writes in a distinct way. There is a reward for taking your time to read this article. And the reward is worthy of your effort. So make the start and take control of what your kids do on the internet.

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